Chasing Geek is a podcast where nothing geek or nerd related is off limits. It is hosted by KnightofOA (Matt) and Pint Size Ginger (Selina).

Matt writes for, and when he isn’t attempting to complete his Olaf Funko POP collection, he enjoys playing video games, reading comics, playing board games, and anticipating the Christmas season.


He was introduced to the medium of comics thanks to his middle school library carrying The Adventures of Superman and The Amazing Spider-Man in addition to their 12,000 copies of Hatchet and To Kill a Mockingbird. After that, he was introduced to video games via his Sega Genesis and has carried a fondness for Sega systems ever since (I heart you Dreamcast). When he’s not playing games and reading comics, Matt also loves to take in marathons of Iron Chef and Frasier and has made it his life’s mission to have those four Golden Girls POP’s on his shelf.

Selina works for a gaming and entertainment distributor, focusing on board games, card games, and everything you need to sell and play them. Selina has always loved reading books and enjoyed playing the classic games (chess, checkers, candy land, chutes and ladders, game of life, go fish, rummy, etc.) with her mother when she was little.

As she grew older she looked for other ways to experience the adventures and challenges she craved. During college she started playing RPG’s, reading any comic or graphic novel she could get her hands on and was exposed to the broad world of video games and rekindled her love of tabletop games. Today her collection of books and games are ever-growing and for the board game part you can follow its growth on her BoardGameGeek page. Besides reading books and playing games, Selina also enjoys hiking or camping and watching movies and cartoons with her friends.

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