This week KnightofOA (Matt) and Nick Valdez of ComicBook.com get caught up on everything Power Rangers. First, we roll through the news, covering the SDCC exclusive figures and the big rumor that an RPM crossover might be coming to Power Rangers Beast Morphers!

We also talk a lot of comics in this episode, including the recently released Go Go Power Rangers: Forever Rangers #1 and the finale to Beyond The Grid, and yes, full spoilers here. 

Then it's time for the great debate, where we go over our favorite Pink Rangers of all time and break down our reasoning for why. We also read comments and submissions from the community, so you just might hear your response on the podcast! 

You can find Nick Valdez on Twitter and on ComicBook.com's Anime channel, and you can find Matt on TwitterInstagram, and CB's Power Rangers channel as well as on the official ComicBook podcast ComicBookNation! 

You can also catch Chasing Geek with PintSizeGinger and KnightofOA every other week right here on ChasingGeek.com or on your favorite podcast app of choice, and make sure to leave us a review if you like what you hear!

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