Hey gals and guys, welcome to episode 4 of The Putty Hour!

This week KnightofOA (Matt) and Nick Valdez of ComicBook.com get into some recent Power Rangers related news, including the announcement of Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid and that Jenna Rae Frank Red Ranger rumor that's been making the rounds. We also discuss if the franchise can sustain a more adult live-action show, and things get fiery when Nick and Knight get into a debate about Power Rangers canon!


Nick wants to give a shoutout to Bat in the Sun's Power Rangers short films, which include Green Ranger vs Ryu and White Ranger vs Scorpion.

Matt's shoutout this week is the super slick Morpher and Power Coin Pins (as well as the sweet Power Rangers prints) from Lineage Studios, which you can find here.

You can find Nick Valdez on Twitter and on ComicBook.com's Anime channel, and you can find Matt on TwitterInstagram, and CB's Power Rangers channel.

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