It's the first-ever Comic-Con Special edition of The Putty Hour, as KnightofOA (Matt) of talks everything Power Rangers that happened at San Diego Comic-Con with special guests Toku Chris (of and Michael Louie (Power Rangers NOW). Nick Valdez will be back next episode, so don't worry fam, the band is still together!

For this special episode, we go give our reactions to all the Power Rangers news SDCC had to offer, including Hasbro's Lightning Collection reveals, Beast Morphers footage, and of course that big Austin St. John reveal in the trailer

We also talk a bit about the recent Kickstarter from Bat in the Sun Legend of the White Dragon, and there are definitely some differing opinions among the group.

You can find Chris on PWRRNGR Twitter, his personal Twitter account, and on his official website, and you can find Michael on Power Rangers Now Twitter, his personal Twitter, and his official website.

You can find Nick Valdez on Twitter and on's Anime channel, and you can find Matt on TwitterInstagram, and CB's Power Rangers channel as well as on the official ComicBook podcast ComicBookNation! 

You can also catch Chasing Geek with PintSizeGinger and KnightofOA every other week right here on or on your favorite podcast app of choice, and make sure to leave us a review if you like what you hear!

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