This week KnightofOA (Matt) and Nick Valdez of ComicBook.com get caught up on everything Power Rangers. First off we talk about the big news that Mighty Morphin Power Rangers star Austin St. John could be returning for a team-up episode on Beast Morphers, followed by a deep dive into Battle For The Grid's new story mode and characters.

We also talk about an unfortunate situation involving a former Power Rangers star and some recent hoopla around Beast Morphers, though we also talk how much we loved the last episode of Beast Morphers and the debut of the Gold Ranger!

Finally, we give our favorite Red Rangers of all time and why, and we tease next episode's big discussion on favorite crossover episodes, and we want to hear your favorites too!

You can find Nick Valdez on Twitter and on ComicBook.com's Anime channel, and you can find Matt on TwitterInstagram, and CB's Power Rangers channel as well as on the official ComicBook podcast ComicBookNation! 

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