Welcome back to another episode of Chasing Geek with Knight of Oa (Matt) and Pint Size Ginger (Selina).

This week's episode doesn't have a main focus. Instead we discuss a few different movies that are out, mainly superhero themed ones.

The news for the week is about CMON and Asmodee going exclusive and what may come from it!

Selina's shout out was the Tea Dragon Society and The Adventure Zone and other McElroy products.

Matt's shout out was all about Dennis Hopeless and his work on Doctor Strange, Jean Grey, and Spider-Woman

As always you can find Pint Size Ginger on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitch as well as on the Playstation Network!

You can find Knight's articles (Matt Mueller) on ComicBook.com, and you can reach him on Twitter and PSN!

As for Chasing Geek, you can follw us on Tumblr, Twitter, or Facebook!

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