Welcome back to another episode of Chasing Geek with Knight of Oa (Matt) and Pint Size Ginger (Selina).

The breaking news for this week is that the break last week was due to Matt moving but he is all settled now and soon will have his new office up and running! Selina's news is way less lifechanging but still exciting. Plaidhat has announced that Oni Press will be publishing a Dead of Winter comic featuring the adorable stunt dog Sparky! 

This week our main discussion is about board games and apps. It like seems apps are thoroughly saturating the industry and they are almost impossible to get away from. Every where you turn there is a new game turned into a mobile game, a companion app to go along with the board game, or a game that bases its gameplay on an app. 

Some of the ones we disscuss are...

Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne, Ascension, Pathfinder the Adventure Card Game, Castles of Mad King Ludwig, One Night Ultimate werewolf, Dead of Winter, Race to the North Pole, Fuse, 
Alchemists: Lab Equipment, and Golem Arcana. Just to name a few. We also mention TableTop Simulator on steam and “Worlds first Board Game Console” PlayTable.

The article we talk about is Fairway Thoughts: Why I’m So Over Digital Board Games

We also talk about our homework for the week which was  Rat Queens vol 1: Sass and Sorcery  ! We could have talked about it for the whole podcast. 

Matt's homework for next week is to listen to at least one episode of The Adventure Zone podcast on Maximumfun and finally watch Moana. Selina's will be to listen to the Wii U-logy episode from the Gameinformer podcast

The quick shout out for the week is Red Raven Games' podcast.

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