Welcome back to another episode of Chasing Geek with Knight of Oa (Matt) and Pint Size Ginger (Selina). 

This week's episode focuses on our Breaking News for the week because  all of them have a deep history to dig through. The first one is about how Marvel is starting their Legacy one-shot. The second topic is about the Pooh movie that will be featuring Ewan McGregor as Christopher Robin. The final topic is one that is held dear to Selina's heart and that is Wheel of Time and the news about Sony Television moving forward with a tv series.

Matt's homework was to listen to at least one episode of The Adventure Zone podcast on Maximumfun. Selina's was listening to the Wii U-logy episode from the Gameinformer podcast

The homework for next week is for both of them to watch the Winter Dragon pilot episode, and if Matt has the time, to read the begining of the Eye of the World

This week's shot outs were about the McElroys' other podcasts, videos, and tv show. You can find their stuff on Maximumfun.org, McElroyShows.com, and Polygon. Also, if you want to check out an episode of their Seeso episode, here is one of them for free on youtube! If you want to continue watching My Brother, My Brother, and Me you can subscribe to Seeso on Amazon or VRV. 

You can also check out Matt's Wonder Woman article HERE!

Offical Art for Wheel of Time... jermysaliba.blogspot.com, seamassketches.blogspog.com, paulbielaczcyc.com, artistarielburgess.com 

Cool Fan art... queen-serena.tumblr.com

As always you can find Pint Size Ginger on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitch as well as on the Playstation Network!

You can find Knight's articles (Matt Mueller) on ComicBook.com, and you can reach him on Twitter and PSN!

As for Chasing Geek, you can follw us on Tumblr, Twitter, or Facebook!



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