Welcome back to another episode of Chasing Geek with Knight of Oa (Matt) and Pint Size Ginger (Selina). 

This week our main discussion is about crowdfunding, primarily Kickstarter and how it is shaping the gaming industry. We also talk about how different campaigns can fail from either not meeting a goal, not delivering what they promised, or the big one, streatching themself too thin with what the promised. 

Check out the article that is mentioned , by Travis Severance.

Selina discusses her homework of reading Titans Vol. 1: The Return of Wally West (Rebirth)  where Wally is saved by the magic of friendship!

Matt's homework was to watch Moana... has he seen it yet?

To buy your own copy of Love is Love you can go Here and to get a Neurodiversity shirt you can go Here!


To see Matt's article about X-Men Gold #1 you can go Here!

Go here to check out Fuzzy Nation by John Scalzi! Selina recomends reading any of his work, it is all good!


Next week the homework for both of our hosts is to read Rat Queens vol 1: Sass and Sorcery  !


As always you can find Pint Size Ginger on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitch as well as on the Playstation Network!

You can find Knight's articles (Matt Mueller) on ComicBook.com, and you can reach him on Twitter and PSN!

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