We know you missed us but we are back with a whole new season of Chasing Geek! 

During this episode we touch on how cool the Switch seems (just don't taste the game cartidges) and the fact that Selina is LOVING playing Horizon Zero Dawn but has some how missed out on the wonderfulness that is Mass Effect!

Our main topic for discussion is the Conan board game by Monolith and Asmodee. There has been some contreversy about it and we talk about why it kind of hurt when this game turned out to be what it is. You can go here to look at the rule book and the artdiscuss. The article we reference is "Grab "Em By The Board Game" by Cynthia Hornbeck. We appologize ahead of time that we do discuss politics a little bit in this episode but we promise that it relates to our main topic.

You can check out Matt's article Why You Should Be Reading Green Arrow here!

Marvel's - America #1

DC's - Green Arrow Rebirth


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