Hey folks, welcome back to another week of Chasing Geek! This week PintSizeGinger (Selina) and KnightofOA (Matt) talk some movies, with Knight giving his impressions of Aquaman and PintSize giving her take on Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. No spoilers here, so you can feel free to listen without worry, in case you haven't seen them yet.

Of course, you totally should go see them, so what are you waiting for!

We also talk Nintendo's success with the Switch as well as the possibility that Knight might be getting one. Knight is also thinking about trading his PS4 in for an Xbox One, and things break down quickly from there.

For this week's shoutouts, PintSize spotlighted How Stuff Works' Savor podcast, which can be found here.

For Knight, it's all about comics this week, including Ironheart, Aquaman #43, and Klaus and the Crying Snowman!

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You can find Matt Mueller on, and you can reach him on Twitter and PSN!

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